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I made my PhD from 2003 to 2006 in the MESCAL team of the ID-IMAG laboratory located near Grenoble.

Between october 2006 and september 2008, I held a post-doc position in the PARIS team from the IRISA/INRIA institute where I was involved in the XtreemOS project.

In september 2008, I joined the CS department of the ''Mines Nantes'' Engineering School as an Associate Professor. In 2013, I temporarily left this position to become a full time researcher at Inria, the French public institution of computational sciences.

My main activities are focused on the design and the implementation of distributed mechanisms dedicated to large scale platforms with a particular interest for virtualization technologies and data storage systems.

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A french version of my CV is available here, and an english one, more recent, is there).

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Name: Adrien Lebre

Age: 38

Birthday: June 28th

Position: INRIA Researcher (currently on leave from an Associate Professor position at Mines Nantes)

Professional homepage:here


Research activities:

  1. Clusters, Grids, and Clouds (IaaS)

  2. Virtualization in Distributed Computing

  3. Distributed File Systems and Parallel I/O

Start: Mars 2011
End  date:  ...
 Start: Feb 2011
 End: ...  
Start: Dec 2006
End  date:  June 2011
   I/O Scheduler for HPC
   Start: Sept 2003
   End:       Feb 2008
   NFS parallel
   Start: Dec 2001
   End: Sep 2006

Since end of 2006, NFSp is exploited as an experimental platform to make research on NFS protocol.


  1. Skating/Skiing (20 years)

  2. running (my first marathon)

  3. Computer sciences ;)

  4. Spend times in idyllic places with my wife Do and my two kids !

  5. Share meals with my familly and my friends